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Why Young MBA

Children learn STEAM (Science - Technology – Engineering – Arts - Mathematics) during their school days. But most importantly they must learn how to utilize or commercialise these technologies to improve human life and estabilish winning businesses. Our unique Young MBA programme is a simulated practice based learning platform which helps teenagers to unleash the professional within and groom them according to 21st century demands.

They learn and practice
what they missed!

  • image Innovation
    Implementing design thinking in daily life and in business!
  • image The big picture of Economy
    Monitor the ups and downs and plan ahead!
  • image Ideation to Execution
    Don’t wait for the opportunity, grab it!
  • image Earn, Budget and spend
    Gaining finance wisdom for success!
  • image People management and Leadership
    Choosing the right people, right talent and leading them!
  • image Value orientation
    Ethics, integrity and inclusion to become a value centred professional

Simulated Blended Learning

The innovative simulated blended learning system designed and developed by our pedagogy specialists helps the learner in immersive learning. The learning system includes-

Learn better in a team
Learn along with your virtual team members
Learn through challenges
complete multiple challenges to re-inforce your learning and earn reward points
Learn through interaction
Interact with your virtual team members, lead them in learning!
Learn with support
Get anytime expert live support while you practice
Learn from practitioners
Live interactive sessions with industry leaders and academic experts

IMEE Model

Our personal and professional lives are intimately connected to the four pillars of IMEE, which are vital for becoming a successful professional in business, technology, healthcare, creativity, or any industry.


Young MBA Learning Pillars



People, companies and the society at large recognize you based on the value you deliver. Innovation is the process of translating an idea into a product, goods or process which can deliver value to people! It’s important to be innovative in daily life!



Achieving your personal and professional goal requires proper understanding of management in practice! Learn to Plan, Organize, Lead and Control to be that 21ST Century professional!



Understand the unlimited wants of human and limited means to satisfy. Learn their needs, wants, demands, financial decisions and most importantly the impacting factors to be a successful professional



Learn to be the most important driver of the economy! Learn to initiate, take risk, handle challenges, resilience, employment and wealth creation! Be entrepreneurial in your daily life to achieve all your dreams!


Our Pricing

At Young MBA, We prefer not to call it a 'price', rather we call it as an 'investment' for your teenager!

An investment to groom him into a global professional, an investment to add wings to his dreams! When it comes to skills, knowledge and dreams, it's not just price, it's an investment!

There is always a package which suits you, check it out!

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